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tv   [untitled]    December 8, 2011 7:00am-7:30am EST

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thirty minutes in cool for dialogue with the opposition following criticism of sunday's parliamentary election. but the prime minister warns of foreign powers against meddling in russia's political life a lot more in this in a few moments time. security concerns russia says nato is not ready to seriously work together on european missile defense. and in here a de de leader's race against time to save the single currency by down bring states under the brussels. if they created the power to govern themselves.
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a very warm welcome to you this is a live from moscow reading that putin has called for the opposition to open dialogue saying they have every right to hold rallies if they are held within the law but the prime minister also pointed to signs of foreign influence in russia's political life calling that an exceptional let's hear more now on this from all of the he's in central moscow for us these are what is out he did peace in that have to say about this dialogue with the opposition. well prime minister putin said a couple things here on thursday he said the protesters these opposed the election that was held on sunday have the right to demonstrate as long as they remain within the law and he also expressed
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a willingness to sit down with the lead. does all of the opposition to try and hammer out their grievances. with the muslims. there why did you know so i e i think people should have the freedom of expression provided they act according to the model and can anyone should have the right to demonstrate but if people break the law then law enforcers have every right to legally demand the law be upheld the people don't want a revolution you know one managed to see chaos need to talk to the opposition they should have their say and be able to use their constitutional rights to demonstrate a credible of good d.c. . well produce the food and also addressed u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton saying that she was too quick to criticize rush's elections that were held on sunday he said that she did so without having listening to having listened to the words of the international observers who were
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there to monitor the elections that she came out far too soon saying that these elections were neither fair nor free with how tearing what those international observers had to say now with regards to international observers prime minister putin said that russia was open to letting people in luxor and observe these elections but that they would not tolerate outside interference in russia's domestic affairs. ask the question which of them are partners shake us from time to time so that we don't forget who owns this planet so that we know they have methods of pressure and influence on our country from within which was finished and when it comes to humanitarian or health issues that's one thing but when foreign money is being invested into internal political affairs that should make us think it's a little much what's especially on acceptable that it's a flow of foreign money into the electoral process it's absolutely unacceptable even used. by the pm they're warning foreign powers not to meddle when it comes to
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russia's political life. we've seen. two days of both pro and anti government demonstrations taking place across moscow how's the situation now. well across russia no it's all very quiet we have seen protests well thousands of people protesting both those in favor of the united russia the ruling party here in the country and those to of been protesting against what they see as electoral fraud which took place during the fall of entry elections on sunday now president dmitri medvedev has said that a full investigation will be launched into all allegations of vote tampering that have been put forward concerning that vote and that anybody who is found guilty of having meddled with that with the electoral procedure will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law and finds that update i was in control of their life for us and that thomas k. . falls about the situation of the pro and anti government protests here in russia
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and this is how one american news channel portrayed what's happening. america has its fair share of protests and political dissent to be dealing with instead of keeping an eye on the ball the country's mass media machine has turned to protests in russia and dropped the ball on reporting the facts. the protesters have gathered at moscow's lashing out against prime minister vladimir putin and his russian party the only problem is that this video is not from russia fox news channel aired a video of fires and chaos in athens convincing viewers that this mayhem is playing out in moscow the fair and balanced network paid no mind to the greek lettering in the background in case you're wondering it says greek national bank what matters is that this is what moscow protests have looked like it's not surprising whatsoever
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that at the moment that there would be any kind of protest no matter how small it be in russia against the russian government that it would be greatly exaggerated in media and used by the u.s. government as well as a way to try to somehow push for a change in russia that would be more favorable to u.s. interests journalist and author eva golinger believes mass media is washington's most valuable weapon in encouraging revolt elsewhere under the mantle of spreading democracy such as the so-called orange revolution in ukraine. or rouge revolution in georgia a. perception is created that something is happening in the country that's not right and that the government is somehow responsible and so therefore if that government ends up being removed it somehow is justified that you know the media has played a key role in creating a justification for regime change similar anti-government demonstrators have been reported and other city in russia u.s.
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leaders have leveled harsh criticism against russia in the aftermath of sunday's parliamentary election and critics say it's free press has worked. to reinforce the narrative the media tends to march in lock step with the government tends to take its cues from the government it tends to you know mobilize its resources to showcase what the government says is true even when later it turns out not to be true as was the case in this rooney is c.n.n. report well in eastern russia more than three thousand people protested against proposed changes to the country's time zones the video shown by c.n.n. is not of protesters but rather of soccer fans riding in moscow over the killing of a fellow supporter the problem is that we showed the wrong pictures only after the error was repeatedly noticed c.n.n. owned up to its mistake and to apologize for the era of grateful to the many russian viewers who've pointed out to us the sloppiness of it or is reflecting you
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know the lack of awareness of the journalists themselves many of them are completely uninformed about the world they have opinions that have no factual basis to him but it doesn't stop them because it's what looks good that matters more than what really is true the truth is that america has its own social economic and political challenges to be dealing with and while washington works on getting its own house in order powerful mass media outlets can work on getting their facts straight marina point nine or r.t. new york now nato is refusing to take moscow's security concerns into account and isn't ready for a serious corporation on a missile shield in europe so says russia's foreign minister he met his counterpart of the us that alliance headquarters let's get more details about syria he's in brussels for us it has been some harsh words there from the foreign minister lavrov has no progress been made at all. well let's just say that they do agree to
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disagree especially on the issue of the missile defense system in fact going into these talks it was already expected to be tough a long and serious talks they extended for an hour in a closed door meeting and at the end of it both both sides gave their points of view and when the foreign minister said. that he doesn't think it was ready for a dialogue with russia on fundamental issues with that he's referring to the missile defense system in europe and he said that when nato advice russia for talks he gets a feeling that they come into these talks with already a mind made up their mind on the kind of pursuit that they will have so in fact no dialogue is possible however on the other hand secretary general of nato has said that they have listened to russia's side and hopes that the russia would dallas and tomatoes concerns over the of course that is still not how russia feels not all of this uncertainty with no legally binding guarantees on the missile defense system that it is not targeting russia it's all verbal russia has beefed up its defense
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capabilities especially on its western border and that russia had also said that it may be forced to deploy modern weapons systems if again they don't get this kind of paper guarantees that they are asking for. nato should respect russia's right to protect its territory and how to explain that of course russia would be afraid because or would have that concern because if nato radars are positioned so it's a sure way that most of russian territory is visible then of course russia would have to do something about it but it has to be noted though that when both sides were giving their take they were calling each other partners and they still hope that some sort of agreement will be reached. that hopefully a political agreement will be reached before the end may two thousand and twelve summit where nato will unveil its provisional structure and operational correct your mistakes of that missile defense defense. certainly very important to have
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a russia agreement with russia on that point and also they reiterated the united ninety seven agreement that they have on the use of force but at the end of the day all of these are words coming especially from nato promises assurances still verbal they've given it for a very long time however russia is asking for something on paper a said he loved it said words are temporary but military realities are permanent test how many patents but also use ten celsius there in brussels for us. and still ahead this hour occupy washington the strikes of the mall will not be as hard out of protesters arrested in the u.s. capitol and the latest government attempts to break up the out of britain is going to cost america. fierce competition among indian universities forces the country's brightest and delegates to go for foreign pullback. it's the latest day of reckoning for the single currency is europe's leaders gather in
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brussels for a key two day summit that will decide that we did future germany and france are pushing the new e.u. treaty is to bind the nations into a close knit school union with its own taxes and penalties however not on the euro zone states the more it is them isolated to be creating a two speed europe the u.k.'s guarding its own national interest saying it won't cite any harm its financial sector the european council president has proposed amending existing treaties to avoid lengthy battle fiction ratings giant standard and poor's has now put the whole new alert warning all twenty seven member states are facing a downgrade financial analyst you know how all the veld says if leaders fail to reach a solution of brussels the euro is basically would do what if by the weekend there is no agreement on how we should go forward or do agreements is very very good or not detailed enough the markets willing to interbreed that kind of result was
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more or less the end of the road for the euro and that point in time we will have a real existential crisis of the eurozone which means that in a very short period of time also germany will come under pressure the big question is whether we will have automatic sanctions when countries are more following the rules in order to save the euro you need this. all these members don't and eventually all the european member countries to be prepared to give in on some aspects of national sovereignity this debate question that is running through every question that is being put on the table and the answer to the question of whether one is prepared to give up on national sovereignty seems to be quite clear no one of the proposed powers that many don't want brussels to have if you're already to impose austerity measures on bailed out countries people in southern europe would
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likely suffer the most from that in spain many young people already seeking a better life and opportunities abroad is good news reports. it starts off as a simple to abroad for example to peru or argentina or elsewhere but once they get their names spaniards realize there are a lot more parties for them outside spain and for them latin american and some european countries present a modern day eldorado more than one and a half million spaniards presently reside outside of spain according to the latest statistics a lot of them left in the last couple of years like mary chel a journalist from madrid who moved to argentina two years ago like a moment already then people were losing jobs over my university fans either fired or looking for something or watch their salaries being cut this is she sure is bad then now more than a year later it's have been worse it's more than twenty four percent spain's unemployment rate is one of the highest in the eurozone being
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a monthly mortgage bill is a challenge for many evictions have become an unfortunate but familiar sight no wonder many are starting to look for a way out of what seems to be a hopeless situation now people are taking a very bleak view of the medium and long term future and a lot of spaniards all looking at moving abroad and unfortunately for spain they seem to be precisely the kind of people who should be staying very well educated spaniards say under the age of forty or thirty five or so people who speak maybe two or three languages they might have a master's degree or even a doctorate and those kind of people don't see a future for themselves in spain as a naturally if there are no jobs in spain people have to go elsewhere be that europe latin america in fact this situation in spain seems to be so desperate that even those who immigrated here several years ago like me gillon doris i know are also packing their bags and heading back home. the catch twenty two is that spanish
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citizens also cannot find a job so they give the preference to say nothing of the immigrant workers but i mean if for many years we had a positive migration flow that is more people are coming in now it's negative each family may. their own reasons for leaving but i believe the economic crisis which is the main reason. at the recent general elections saw the demise of the leftist socialist party who made way for the right wing peoples party but mainly quantum is to gree no matter who is in charge they will have to follow the thorny path of implementing more measures meaning the bright young things disparate for a job continue to seek opportunity elsewhere it is. madrid. now in the us there's also evidence of americans that leaving their country in record numbers that story among many others is online for you right now at all so you don't call me and you have told website to find out why the so-called land of prosperity is no longer a dream place for over six million citizens. and also online view all the guns fall
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silent in libya after a bloody civil war we investigate why in a new country with a new government at the head. and we've said. washington up to seventy anti-corporate occupy protesters were arrested when police dispersed a mass running close to the front of the white house it's the latest effort by authorities to break up the may have been which has spread across america over the past three months as you can witness the crackdown in the u.s. capital. as far as i could tell there were around four thousand people on the street minutes away from the white house over seventy protesters were arrested and there was a girl in a wheelchair among them police stepped up arrest one protesters mostly young people blocked the road they were dragging them towards the police cars one person got nearly struck by a police force so seventy people arrested this is be the largest number of arrests
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in washington says the beginning of this occupy movement this was all happening on k. street which is known as the lobbyist street people were protesting what they see as widespread corruption in the government authorities there pretty much cracked down on this occupy movement against corporate greed and government complicity we've seen bledel of the actions of demonstrators from their occupy locations in california and in new york police used tear gas on people pepper spray rubber bullets sound cannons keep in mind it's been largely a very peaceful movement around five thousand peaceful protesters have been arrested in the last three months across the united states probably any country doing that would be irrationally reprimanded for violating human rights but that doesn't seem to be the case when it comes to the united states. of all the news from around the. time and has jailed a u.s.
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citizen but soon the whole theory has been stolen from the country's royal family the man translated accents from the movie while graffiti of the king and who's to do things on line the fifty five year old time born american was arrested in may when visit the country to seek medical treatment for arthritis and high blood pressure he was then challenged on time and strict rules against saving the morning . else did it in this government in annoyed governor rather rod blagojevich is been sentenced to fourteen years in jail for corruption he was found guilty in june on seventeen counts including trying to sell the u.s. senate seat once held by president barack obama well former governors and not being convicted of former head of illinois four of the last night i have been sentenced to prison including luggage it is a pre-disaster yes it's time to fight. the u.s. special envoy to north korea has met with his south korean counterpart drizzy
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install six party denuclearize ation talks the two sides reportedly agreed that pyongyang should abandon its uranium enrichment program and allow inspectors to verify the disarmament process the six party talks last held in two thousand and eight involved china japan and russia relations between the two koreas worse of last year following two deadly border incidents. syrian activists say an oil pipeline explosion has gone off near the besieged city of homes no casualties have been reported a state run news said it was a bomb planted by a terrorist group with the explosion is the latest abed's of the prizes that have shake of the country over the past ten months. now in india one of the world's few growth countries a top notch education is a must but exploding middle class population means stiff competition for students trying to get into the country's leading universities as a result many of looking are broad to pursue their academic aspirations. reports.
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with the one point two billion people trying to make it to the top in india can be taught most indians believe that the key to success is getting a good education but with one of the fastest growing middle classes in the world more people than ever can afford a college degree meaning competition for spots at. top universities is fierce there are some schools which are just so you know academically oriented where you know and then extreme cases there's you know there's even suicides if you know the board exams if your results aren't you know a ninety percent plus percent entrance into india's colleges and universities is based solely on the results of a high school students board examinations this year students wouldn't even be considered for delhi university's commerce program unless they scored at least one hundred percent on their exams in a twist to india's traditional brain drain where india's top talent was looking to
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the u.s. or europe for better opportunities now india's smartest students are exploring the last as a backup plan if their dreams of getting into an indian institution don't work out so ironic because you know in the u.s. which is sort of like you know the power going for. amazing secondary level studies i mean higher level studies is actually our safety as compared to india but it does happen and it's in fact not a possibility it's a molecule powell is applying early decision to princeton university in the united states she believes she actually has a better chance of getting into the ivy league american school than she does at being admitted to a prestigious indian one and the u.s. admission process is much more holistic in the admission process just one mock and in an interview experts in indian college admissions are also seeing the trend of indian students having a broad out of need rather than desire they say the india needs to focus on
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a stablish in more higher education programs for its students and even when i was sure. that i think the same number of colleges that same number of seats. the growth in the number of colleges and number of seeds has really not kept up with the growth in the population for now pallas focusing on her princeton application in the whole. that if things go her way she won't even have to take the dreaded indian board examinations in the spring ideally i'd like to see myself in the us i know a lot of people who have been so relieved that they got there early decision and they just sort of slacked off went as far as the boards went and it was just as a relief that you know this they've got it placing her bets on the west to avoid the competition at home preassure either r t new delhi india now in just a few minutes we'll explore what impact the debt crisis in europe is having on economies around the world first though all the market things in our business
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update with me tree. welcome to the program power grid operator. has taken the first step to a full listing on the london stock exchange. reports trading in the russian firms are global to pour through receipts gets underway. m.r. s.k. holding just became the latest russian company to list on the london stock exchange it was a ceremony here with a countdown to the moment trading began on this first day is shares are being listed as g.d.r. as global depository receipts each one representing two hundred of the company's shares to begin with though this is just a technical listing so no actual money will be made here instead the whole point of this is to boost the liquidity of the company stocks or to raise awareness of the company in the city here and to increase investment as the company c.f.o. explains where here or are direct. new investors to widen the base for
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international investors to make the conditions are important is for current international investors to make more. reliable and more of a direct attractiveness. to realize their shares in the trail shares here m.r.i. scan holding is the largest electricity distributor in russia with over two million kilometers of power cables but its performance this year hasn't been strong due to the current market conditions its shares are down fifty percent this year so listing here in london one of the global financial capitals is obviously an attempt to boost that already several of the russian companies listed here some even big enough to break into the c. one hundred the mining companies poly metal everyone's for example recently started listing as premium companies and today m r s.k. holding although it's just a technical listing it's taken the first step towards a full listing here. so going to the markets this hour an oil prices are climbing as the market looks forward to further measures by the european central bank to support growth brant is hovering at around one hundred and ten dollars
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a barrel just numbers that are that we realize trading under one hundred one. european markets stock markets have raised gains but are still positive the european central bank means serious abuse expected to maneuver its second rate cut in as many months on. meanwhile the bank of england has decided to leave rates and stimulus programs on. their moscow markets in afternoon trading above the my six and the r.t.s. are more than one percent of the two consecutive sessions of losses. negative words moving me my six a slew of russian companies a report of their financial results b.c.b.s. gaining just under two percent the bank has doubled its net profit during the first nine months of the year reaching two point three billion dollars both telecom is also up its first quarter number of a rose one percent to reach three hundred thirty billion dollars and still make a service that is
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a point seven percent in the black the company's never reached one a half billion dollars in the first nine months of this year. also in brief internet startups in russia being promised a leg up from the industry's big players investment firm d.s.t. global and social networks can have launched a charity project called start fellows aimed at supporting young entrepreneurs teachers and startups will then get an unconditional twenty five thousand dollars to get their ideas off the page and onto the web. francis persia's utah and is considering setting up a second plant in russia in partnership with a car maker already operating in the country that's the spite the local manufacturing cost being roughly five percent higher than in western europe the companies that did year i don't says that will have to change when russia joins the world trade organization. industry all costs will have to. be reduced to be competitive where is also
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a region like western europe may be easier to be sure that the local production will be competitive ohm's a russian market but not only on the russian market because the excess of for russia to devalued you will offer also possibility to exports cars. from or you can always log on to our website r t o come forward slash business and i'll be back in fifty five minutes i'm going up. in the euro.
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